May 5, 2009

More than just a Dick To Cry On

Like a good smack on the ass, the announcement by James Hunnicutt that he was moving to Texas snapped me to full attention. With a stinging sensation, I realized that I've been failing to take full advantage of opportunities to hang out with my friends or going to shows by my favorite local bands.

James Hunnicutt is a perfect example. This past year he has been playing more and more shows, so it was easy to tell myself that I'd go next time - when I didn't have this necklace to finish, or more cash on me, or wasn't so tired..... over the years I've seen him so many times, with different bands and at all kinds of events, that it never dawned on me that I wouldn't be able to for any length of time.

Then Cleo, producer of
Burning Hearts Burlesque and one of my oldest & dearest friends, called to tell me he was booked for this Thursday's Bad Motor Booty. Perfect - I could finally have some promo pics taken of the Burning Hearts lovelies wearing my jewelry, hang out with Cleo, enjoy some fantastic burlesque AND see James Hunnicutt & the Revolvers.

For those of you not familiar with James, these bits from an article published in the Kitsap Herald last year say it better than I could
"Hunnicutt, 34, has been rocking in and out of this county, across the state, up and down the coast and all across musical genres for the better part of the past two decades...and been in around 2 dozen bands.

He’s been everything from a crooning, six-string-slingin’ front man in JHATRS to a psychobilly zombie drummer with the Hatchetwounds to screaming loud punk rock lead guitar in the Swinos and Neutralboy. He’s even lead singer of a local Misfits tribute called Devilock — essentially “all the basic rock instruments,” Hunnicut said.
On nights when he’s not pumping out rockabilly with the Revolvers or high-powered punk with Neutralboy, Hunnicutt will play solo, just he, his guitar and his velvet voice, crooning old school cover songs — from cats like Elvis, Johnny Horton and Johnny Cash..."
Over this past week, what seemed a perfect evening has blossomed into an Evening of Importance. First came the announcement from James that he's moving to Texas to play guitar for Wayne Hancok, so this is going to be one of his last shows up here. Then came the additions of special Burlesque performers to the schedule. And, in a cross promotion made in Rockabilly Heaven, the lovely Hanah, of The Rockit Roost, offered up 2 Day Passes to Secrets of a Starlet - 1st Annual Pin-up Contest & Rockabilly Festival on May 16th.

...Don't forget that I'll be vending at the Rockabilly Festival...

For those familiar with James, there has never been any doubt that he would make it big. And though I'm sad that he's leaving the area, I'm excited for journey he's embarking. It's a big world out there, and it needs a little Hunnicutt.

I thought it would be appropriate to have James be the first to answer my 3 Questions, which he did without hesitation...
Three things that make you smile:
Music, Love & Laughter

Three current female singers you'd do a duet with:
Nicole Pike, Miss Elly Swift & Miss Lauren Marie

Three places you'd like to play in your life:
Ryman Auditorium, Carnegie Hall & Abbey Road Studios
Well James, I'm hoping you have lots of music, love & laughter in your life, you play at least two of those venues, and I'll keep my ears peeled for a duet...

And to everyone else...I hope to see you Thursday. Don't let what promises to spectalular night pass you by.
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