Sep 22, 2009

Gary The Glass Guy

Okay, so last Saturday was the 2nd Annual Taste of Lynwood on beautiful Bainbridge (get off your cell phone!) Island. We've had a pretty good run of hot & sunny weather up here in the NW, so I was pleasantly suprised to see the day a little drizzly & gray, though I knew it wouldn't bode well for sales. Predictably, though the event was fun - great music and mellow atmosphere - sales weren't so good. I did have a lot of time to chit chat with my friend Marcy and meet lots of dogs (I love goggies).

One particulary wonderful dog was Lucy. While chatting with Lucy's owner, Gary, it came about that he makes glass beads. As he only lived about a block away, he trotted home to grab some examples to show me. I was so impressed that I let him put out some of his gorgeous wine stoppers for sale on my table.

In return, he gave me a string of beads that he made.

It turns out that he also makes Cremorial beads/marbles. Cremorial beads are made with the ashes of a loved one or pet. I had never heard of this before and I think it makes perfect sense. What a beautiful way to remember someone.

If you are interested in having some beautiful glass beads made or some Cremorial beads, you can contact Gary by emailing him at .
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