Feb 8, 2012

Fired up February - Day 8

The last couple days have been hell.  Mere days after getting new tabs and new tires for my car, it decided to repay me with a horrible horrible engine chatter and loss of power. What a wanker.  Not sure if it is going to be fixable, but I have a bad feeling that it is serious.
Fired up February is already starting to be F#@k it February.  What F#@ked up February doesn't know is that I'm done with my two years of hell.  I'm taking back my reality with a vengeance (though it might take me a little longer since I'm walking now).
On that note, I decided that perhaps I should get back to basics for today's project.  Before I became addicted to the needle (beading needle that is), I mainly did bead and wire work.  I dug out my secret stash of sterling silver wire, gathered some beads, did a few wrapping warm ups and then proceeded to make this:

Faceted Ruby Red fire-polished rounds and Jet black bicones wrapped with sterling silver wire make links for a Classic Goth Bracelet.   My fingers were almost too sore to list it on Etsy, but I pushed though the pain.

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