Jan 30, 2015

Using a 5-Star Rating System to Rate Books

Today I changed my rating system for books.  Those little stars should mean something after all.  It seemed like every book I looked at, across all the different book sties, had four star ratings.   Then, while perusing the Worst Books Of All Time in Goodreads Listopia, I decided to take action.   

The standard for the 5 Star rating system is :
5 - I love it
4 - I like it
3 - It's Ok
2 - I don't like it
1 - I hate it

After browsing through my ratings to date, I discovered that they were typically were too high.  I have read thousands of books in my life and I guarantee you they were not all 4 stars.   Before going back to adjust all my ratings, I decided to define my rating system a bit.  
I think that this will ultimately be more useful.  

Book ratings: 
5 Stars: These have to be the exemplars -- the best books I've ever read, would be glad to read again, would be proud to show off on my best bookshelf, and will buy extra copies to give to friends. 

4 Stars: These have to be really good books -- most of them I'm willing to read again and I promote them by offering to loan them to my more discriminating friends. Although I may keep them on my bookshelf I'd rather give them to a friend then sell them at a used book store. 

3 Stars: These are books are decent books, and I do share them with my voracious reader friends. But I don't push them and I'm much more likely to sell them at a used bookstore then keep them on my shelf.  

2 Stars: This category is for books that are just not quite good enough, or are slightly disappointing. Not bad, or disliked, just blah...  

1 Star: This is where I put the books that I don't like, or worse, I hate. Not many here, but I'm willing to risk more then many people are so I have some. Also books go here that just don't fit my interest, like romance novels that get recommended to me because I like some crossover fantasy-romance authors. 

I also started reviewing books again, though just a few here and there. In fact, I just wrote my first bad book review. You can read it here if you like

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