Nov 23, 2008

Because everyone needy a little HardyHarHar in their life

I found HardyHarHar's shop on Etsy when I first became a member and fell immediately in love with her Frankensoques. Though they are all unique individuals, my current fav is Grumpy Scrap Monster
Glen Downy-Uffington is a product of the underground Uffingtons and is inherently calm, cool, collected and pretty certain to have your watch in his pocket. Good luck busting the little twerp, if caught with said watch, he just says "ta-da" and pretends to be at the grand finale part of a magic trick. We have given up grounding him and are currently trying positive reinforcement training. So far no success but I do look positively stunning in the diamond earrings and matching tennis bracelet he gave me last time he got a ten second time-out. If you can't beat em........Glen is partial to Vienna sausages dipped in pepper jam and likes to clean things with other peoples toothbrushes. Glen will thrive in a non- judgemental environment with people who appreciate fine jewelry and don't ask a lot of silly questions.

Glen is 26" tall and likes his ear bells kept very shiny!
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