Sep 7, 2009

Day Eight - Two Necklaces

Okay, I had to drag myself out of my sick bed today and do something. I already missed a day from being ill, and I couldn't miss another. Since I still am feeling under the weather, I decided to make a couple simple necklaces for my upcoming show this weekend. It's the 2nd Annual Opulent Art Show up in Sequim, WA. It was a total blast last year and is held at the most beautiful place - The Cutting Garden.

As I sold more of my simple semi-precious pieces last year, I made this Jade and Quartz necklace:

and this Kyanite and Bali Silver necklace:

I also managed to do a bit of work on a couple of more complicated beadweaving pieces that I'll have done later in the week. Now I'm back off to bed. Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend!
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