Sep 1, 2009

Day Three - Custom Bracelet

Phew...just under the gun, as I'm posting this at 11:40pm. This past week, the Etsy Dark Side team did a member swap and I was paired up with a maker of adornments extraordinaire, Bellalili. I told her she could pick what she wanted and she requested a Matte Black cuff bracelet. Perfect - this is something I would make for myself.

As I have only had about 3 hours of sleep (stupid insomnia) the last couple of nights, I took a nap after work. At 8:15 I awoke with a start and jumped to my beading table. As nice as it would have been to go back to sleep, I didn't want to punk out on my self-imposed challange on the third day. Glad I got right to work, as this is the finished piece.

Going to package it for shipping tomorrow & hit the hay. I hope she loves it.
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