Sep 2, 2009

Day Four - Noir Bracelet

If you're following my progress, you're bound to notice a lot of black pieces coming up. I was out of my preferred beading line (Smoke Fireline) for the last month, and so my list of Black pieces I want to make just kept growing longer and longer. I got some this last I'll be on a role for a bit.

Today's bracelet is a Herringbone weave, also referred to as the N'Debele stitch. An amazing beading stitch as it has endless posibilties - from flat (such as this bracelet) to tubular and other variations. A Russian friend of mine taught it too me a couple of years ago, but whilst cruising around the interwebs, I came across Ruby's Beadwork. Besides being incredibly talented, she has some fantastic tutorials.

Anyway, here are a couple pictures of the Noir Bracelet

This bracelet is available in my etsy shop - Room3designs

I'm realizing that some of the more involved pieces I have planned won't be able to be done in one day. At the same time, it wouldn't be very challenging to me to just make a bunch of, say, earrings, so I've decided to spend a little time working on a time consuming piece and then a piece I can complete that day. For example, here's a necklace I started prior to running out of Fireline

I figure if I spend some time on this necklace and give myself time to complete a more simple piece, I can vary the complexity of the pieces I'm showing here. Oh my gosh, I'm babbling...must go sleepies now. Goodnight all.
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