Oct 26, 2009

Sunday the 18th - Mourning Market, more Friends & Music

Gah - roused myself from my bed with only a couple of hours sleep under my belt. Today is Mourning Market - and we were encouraged to dress up. I couldn't bring my self to do it - too much fun last night. Quickly showered & dressed & hopped the boat to Seattle. Got to Motor just in time to set up. Mourning Market was a BLAST. Lots of fantastic vendors, lots of people. So nice to see many, many old friends & make some new ones. Met a few of my Etsy Dark Side teammates *hi ladies - hi Kurt* which was awesome. Here's just a few pictures.

I also got to pick up Ed the Head, my wonderful new friend, who I won in a Giveaway from Grimvisions. I love him!

One of my oldest & dearest friends, Michelle, came down to see me & we decided to carry on the festive spirit into the evening. I had started having some cocktails early (hair of the dog you know), so after I packed up my booth and we ditched the drunken Seahawks fans from Alaska, we popped up to El Corazon to say hi to our old friend Dre, who was in town to play a show.

Caught him outside, chatted a bit, took the pics above & then decided that though we love him very much, we weren't going to pay $20 to get in to see him. Parted ways & then off to Linda's for a couple more drinkies.

I had been told that the bass player for the .357 String Band was absolutely not to be missed, and since I had missed them play the night before, we headed over to The Bit in Ballard (where I had a brief stint as a barteneder). A couple of cocktails later & they took the stage. I was not misled - these guys are awesome and yes, the bass player just moved up to the top of my list. As most of you already know - I got a thing for bass - stand up, electric, whatever..my soul craves it. These guys are touring right now - so if they come to your town GO CHECK THEM OUT.

By the time they were done I was too. Time to get my butt back home & crawl into bed. It was a non-stop weekend that was worth it's weight in gold.
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