Oct 26, 2009

Saturday the 17th - Zombies, Cocktails & Corsets

Writing this a week late - as it took me that long to recover from last weekend. Too many cigarettes, not quite enough cocktails. First off, headed out to vend at Zombies 4 Ransom. Shared a booth with the wonderful Platipuses, who makes awesome plus size clothing. The show was great, good costumes, raised some money for AIDS and the Hard Money Saints played. I did an interview on Outlaw Radio Network that was broadcasting live from the event. Here's a few pics from the event:

Got out of there around 11:30 pm, and since I was all corseted up, I thought I'd pop on down to Winterland to see my friend Gina (aka Lottie Jynann Tonnyx). Not only was it her birthday and I had a lovely gift for her, but I was hoping to catch some of the bands that were playing that night - Joe Buck, .357 String Band and James Hunnicutt. I missed all the bands except Joe Buck - who is always a delight to see live, but I did get to hang out with the lovely Gina and my good friends from Smitty's Tattoo. I can never remember why I decided to become such a recluse this past year - I love friends & music...mix with alcohol & boobies & life doesn't get much better.
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