Jan 12, 2010

Kicking Grumpies to the Curb

So, my darling friends, as many of you might have noticed, from about Thanksgiving on I was feeling a lot like this

and like this

and I couldn't quite shake it.  Usually I'm pretty optimistic, but I was seriously in the downs.  I finally figured it out...I was having a bad case of the sads - mostly due to missing people.  My mom usually worked on Thanksgiving, so from a young age I always had Thanksgiving dinner at my house for friends & family.  Many of you have been there in the past.  Not having this for the last couple of years has left me with a void that I couldn't quite put my finger on until now.   Not living in the city, I don't get to socialize as much, so I miss my friends.  I miss my brother, Josh (RIP), something awful.  I miss my friends that have passed on much, along with my father.  And I also miss my son, Sol.  As he is 16 now and spends the majority of time with his friends.  All this missing left me a very grumpy Tiffy.

Then, after a couple days of spending too much time in my bed (never thought I'd say that), I jumped up, grabbed the scissors, rushed to the bathroom & chopped my bangs.  You all know the look...the Tiffy just cut her bangs look - a little too short & not quite straight.  I then threw on my favorite big black boots. All of a sudden I felt like this

Though this is probably more accurate

Anyway, the whole point is...I feel better and a lot of it is due to my friends and family.  For that reason, I want to tell you all that I appreciate you sticking by me, I love you and I hope we all have a fucking fantastic year!!!!!
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