Feb 2, 2012

Fired up February - Day 2

Picking two cherries with one hand.....

My box of unfinished projects has been giving me the mean eye for quite a while now.  I even think I heard some of the pieces whispering about me.  The loudest were the cherries.

Last summer I decided to make beaded cherries.After a few frustrating attempts to make perfect little beaded spheres on my own, I broke down and purchased a great tutorial  from The Crimson Moon.
Here I must pause to give an appreciatory nod to The Crimson Moon.  As some of you may already know, I prefer to figure things out myself.  Persons close to me have alluded to it being stubbornness - though I prefer to think of myself as dedicated.  The moment I realize  that am in need of a tutorial is the moment I admit defeat.  The tutorial I received from the Crimson Moon was so clear and concise I almost enjoyed not knowing something.
I promptly began working on the first set.......and then stopped.  

Have you ever felt mocked by an inanimate object?   Today was the day these cherries would mock me no more!  Below is my finished design.  The two 10 mm cherries are so sweet, I decided to hang them from a very delicate vintage gold chain necklace.

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