Feb 22, 2015

review of How To Grow Up by Michelle Tea

How to Grow UpHow to Grow Up by Michelle Tea

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I received a copy of How to Grow Up by Michelle Tea as Goodreads Giveaway.  I haven't read a lot of memoirs to date, but I couldn't resist this one after reading the blurb on the back. 

"As an aspiring young writer in San Francisco, Michelle Tea lived in a scuzzy communal house; she drank, smoked, snorted anything she got her hands on; she toiled for the minimum wage; and she dated men and women, and sometimes both at once. But between hangovers and dead-end jobs, she scrawled in notebooks and organized dive bar poetry readings, working to make her literary dreams real."

Yes, it sounded eerily similar to my younger years.  The difference being that I'm not a writer.

Though Michelle Tea is a popular, well known author is many circles, I had yet to read any of her work.  I was happily surprised by her writing - it was easy to read, not boring, descriptive and drew me right into her life.  She seemed to be honest and intelligent.  And, yes, I saw myself in her.  We had similar experiences, styles, attitudes and perceptions. 

For the most part, I really enjoyed this book.  I think that she has some great advice/life lessons on everything from relationships (with others and with yourself) to living.  There are a few ideals of hers that I do not share - but it would be creepy if I agreed wholeheartedly with someone on EVERYTHING.  The only criticism that I have is that, at times, she comes across a bit conceited.

All in all, a very enjoyable read.  Funny, embarrassingly real, honest and sincere. To top it - I also picked up some great insight about my own life.

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