Feb 5, 2012

Fired up February - Day 5

Internet connection has been spotty as of late....looks like a new router in the future.  Loading the posts may be  sporadic - but I will try to keep on schedule.

I do a lot of repair work for people - from antique beadwoven works to modern jewelry.  The project for today is a necklace that I have been asked to repair by Leon Jones, a fellow Suquamish Farmer's Market vendor.

Apparently he picked this up at a flea market (garage sale?) and would like to give it too his wife.  As you can see, it looks as though it went through a cat fight.

After a few tries, I ended up taking off all the fringe and doing a complete reconstruction of them. I think that I did a quite a decent job - and I know that it will definitely last through a cat fight now. 

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